あなたの位置: ホーム / バック禁止モードはどこでオンにしますか?(車にはバックカメラがない)


Enter the "Settings" APP to set:

ES89XX/ES88XX/ES86XX's Radio: Settings>Car infotainment>About Device>tap "tool" icon>Input code 8878 to factory setting>Backcar setup>Camera Detect:Not detect>Save>Reboot

ES85XX's Radio: Settings>Car settings>Base settings>Reverse function switch>ON/OFF

ES81XX/ES27XX's Radio: Settings>Car settings>Factory settings>Password:3368>UI setting>Show backcar switch: ON>Back to Base settings>Reverse function switch>ON/OFF

ES87XX's Radio: Settings>Car settings>Factory settings>Password:126>FUNC>Prohibit Reverse: ON>Backup>Reboot

ES51XX/ES59XX/ES69XX's Radio: Settings>Car settings>Factory settings>Password:3368>Other>Prohibit reverse: Enable/Disable>Apply>Reboot

ES41XX's Radio: No option to set this

ES31XX/ES30XX/ES42XX's Radio: Settings>About device>tap "tool" icon>Input code 8888 to factory setting>Others>Camera Detect:Not detect>Save>Reboot

ES22XX's Radio: No option to set this

ES72XX's Radio: No option to set this